Where To Buy Raw Honey In Seattle

There is plenty of raw honey to be found in the Seattle area, if you know where to look. Rather unfortunately, it’s harder to get your hands on fresh, local raw honey than it is to find imported honeys from around the world. You need to haunt the farmers markets, since few major stores stock honey from the smaller local apiaries, which by definition have inconsistent product. Pro tip: at the markets, not only the honey sellers have honey; many farms will have bees for pollination and sometimes get leftover honey from it. Look at all the produce tables. You might find something unusual.

Also see Seattle Honeys.

This page will always be a work in progress; let me know if I missed something.
Below I use the term “imported” loosely to also include honey from out of state (though I consider small Oregon apiaries to be local).


Ballard Farmers Market

Two honey stands are often found here: Brookfield Farm, one of my favorite local apiaries, and Golden Harvest – The Bee Ranch from Whidbey Island. But also make sure to ask produce stands if they have honey from pollinating their crops, especially in the summer and fall.
LocalSeattle - Ballard

Big John's PFI (Pacific Food Importers) (International District)

This place is fun to visit if you can find it (hint: the door is down from the street, at the bottom of the parking lot), and they have a few shelves of honey that have been constantly changing since I've been going there. Not all of the honeys are raw like at Chef Shop, so make sure to read the labels. I found some amazing French honeys here, such as a honey from Brittany that smells like apples.
ImportedSeattle - Downtown (near stadiums, Sodo)

Broadway Farmers Market

There used to be at least two apiaries represented here in the warmer months, including Pixie Honey from Olympia, but lately there haven't been any. One of the farm stands sometimes has blackberry or raspberry honey however. And if you're already in the area, you can go up the street to the shop called Sugarpill where you can often find honey from in-city hives (see the separate listing here).
LocalSeattle - Capitol Hill

Central Co-Op (Capitol Hill)

Though they don't have a huge honey selection, I've seen jars from the Bellingham area apiary Sunny Honey here.
LocalImportedSeattle - Capitol Hill

Central Market

This is my favorite supermarket. I go to the one in Shoreline, which has always had quite a few honeys. Recently they have been carrying an amazing dark honey from Craic Honey Company. Also good are the raw honeys from from Glory Bee (not all are raw, just the ones that say raw, and those are excellent). This store used to have quite a selection of New Zealand honeys, though they have cut back on them lately.

Chef Shop (Elliott Ave., lower Queen Anne)

This is the best place to find non-local honey in Seattle. You will only find high-quality raw honey here, and I've seen honeys here that I've never found anywhere else in town. Plus there is a honey tasting table in the back with all the honeys available to try. This store is a culinary dreamland. You might want to put on your blinders before entering and head straight to the back, so you don't end up spending your life savings on other things like bitters, vinegars and olive oils...
ImportedSeattle - Queen Anne (lower)

Coupeville Farmers Market

This is on Whidbey Island, just a short ferry away, so I'm including it since you will be able to find some great honeys there, including that of Prairie Mountain Honey Company.
LocalWhidbey Island

Dandelion Botanical Company

This store sells great honey from Hummingbird - mostly from Oregon. The mint and the pumpkin are especially distinctive.
LocalImportedSeattle - Ballard

De Laurenti (downtown)

A Seattle institution, this shop at Pike's Place Market has many interesting honeys. They are usually priced higher here than elsewhere, but if they are the only one to have it, well...
ImportedSeattle - Downtown

Euro Deli

This store in Shoreline has "a little bit of each" as the owner says, and that also goes for the honey, all of which are interesting: local choices from Mill Creek Honey and BZ Boss in Carnation, Russian honeys from Bashkirian (Bashkortostan?), and leatherwood honey from Australia (not the same leatherwood from New Zealand you see in those bird-adorned cans). She likes Buckwheat honey - there is one from Russia as well as a local version. 20011 Aurora Ave N.

Fremont Sunday Market

Brookfield Farm used to sell here, but moved to the Ballard Sunday Market (see that listing here). I haven't been to the Fremont market in ages so I have no idea if there is any honey here. I'll check and update this next chance I get.
LocalSeattle - Fremont

Goodies Mediterranean Market

This market has a few imported honeys, such a s a Turkish pine honey (doesn't say raw) and also raw honeys from Heritage Honey in California, including avocado honey, which I love.
ImportedSeattle - Lake City

International Deli (Bellevue)

This store is in a strip mall in Bellevue, but it's not Bellevue inside. It's packed with items from Russia and eastern Europe, and has many shelves of honey. Besides a metric ton of raw honeys from Russia, you'll find the entire line of Airborne brand New Zealand honeys. I can't find a web page for this place, but here is the address:

15015 Main St Ste 110
Bellevue, Washington 98007

Lake City Farmers Market

The Whidbey Island apiary Golden Harvest sells here.
LocalSeattle - Lake City

MacPherson's Fruit & Produce (Beacon Hill)

I haven't been to MacPherson's yet, but somebody kindly emailed me to say that they are selling honey from the Heavenly Honey Farm in Puyallup, WA (not to be confused with "Honey Heaven" / "Heavenly Honey" distributed by Hummingbird Wholesale in Oregon). I haven't tried this honey either. I guess I need to get over to Beacon Hill.
LocalSeattle - Beacon Hill

Magnolia Farmers Market

I haven't tried this yet but they list "Cascade Natural Honey".
LocalSeattle - Magnolia

Metropolitan Market (Queen Anne)

There is a small and oddly eclectic selection of honey here. I found an incredible Sourwood honey from Georgia here, and they have (expensive) Tupelo honeycomb.
LocalImportedSeattle - Queen Anne (upper)

Minglemint Natural Food Store (Vashon Island)

This is on Vashon Island, just a short ferry across from West Seattle, so it still counts, and this little store usually has great honeys on the shelf - not many, but good ones. Besides being the only nearby place I have seen the excellent Heavenly Honey brand (distributed by Hummingbird Wholesale in Oregon), Minglemint has lately been offering their own brand sourced from local beekeepers.
LocalImportedVashon Island

Paris Grocery (downtown)

Also on Western Ave, this shop has a bunch of French honeys but I also found the Aster Flower honey from New York State that I like so much.
ImportedSeattle - Downtown

PCC Natural Markets

PCC has an excellent spread of local raw honeys, including Craic Honey (Yakima Valley), Oregon Growers & Shippers Wildflower (Columbia River Gorge), Guilmette's (Bellingham), High Country Honey, and Glory Bee (their raw honeys). Besides those, there are a few less-interesting brands from out of state.
LocalImportedSeattle - various locations

Phinney Farmers Market

Seattle Urban Honey is listed to sell here (also at the University District market).
LocalSeattle - Phinney Ridge

Pike Place Market

I've seen at least three honey sellers here. Not all are raw. Make sure to ask. Don't miss the Sunny Honey storefront, near the pig and fish throwers.
LocalSeattle - Downtown

Rainbow Natural Remedies

Depending on seasonal availability, this store carries honey from Seattle's own Urban Bee Company (who deliver honey here by bicycle). They also carry the brands Moon Valley (Deming WA) and Uncle Harry (Redmond WA - not an apiary itself).
LocalImportedSeattle - Capitol Hill (15th)

Shoreline Farmers Market

Rainy Day Bees sells here in season (once a month - best to make sure when on their Facebook page) when they have honey from their in-city hives.

Sugarpill (Capitol Hill)

Only city honey here, or close to it. I've found honey from Urban Bee Company (who deliver honey here by bicycle), Ballard Bee Company, and Rockridge Orchards. I've learned to buy new honeys on sight here. They go fast.
LocalSeattle - Capitol Hill

Sunny Honey (Pike Place)

Anne of Sunny Honey out of Bellingham now has her own store right in the center of Pike Place Market. You can find it just to the left of the fish-throwers near the pig at the entrance. Under her brand she is selling her own honey plus honey from other small producers throughout the state, and their locations are pinned on a map on the wall. Hers is the only store devoted solely to local honey that I know of in Washington.
LocalSeattle - Downtown

The Cheese Cellar (downtown)

Tiny honey selection, but I did find two fantastic honeys from Backyard Bees (from Edison WA).
LocalSeattle - Downtown

University District Farmers Market

You'll find wonderful honey from Seattle Urban Honey, who label their honey with the hive location within Seattle. Also I've seen Golden Harvest honey from Whidbey Island here.
LocalSeattle - University District

Watson Kennedy Fine Home

Unexpectedly, this shop has many good honeys.
ImportedSeattle - Downtown

West Seattle Farmers Market

No apiary is listed for this market, but ask around at the vegetable sellers, especially Whistling Train and Rockridge Orchards.
LocalSeattle - West Seattle

Whole Foods

I've found some great honeys at Whole Foods, and they usually have at least one local brand, though they are not likely to have honey from small apairies that can't make enough to provide a year-round supply.
LocalImportedSeattle - various locations