Honey Tasting: Wildflower Honey From Shiga, Japan

Honey from Shiga, JapanMy friend Keiko recently visited her hometown of Kyoto, and during her travels through nearby Shiga Prefecture she picked up this jar of local honey for me. This is my first jar of Japanese honey, so I was pretty excited to receive it. Keiko has been exposed to my honey mania, and attended my recent Honey Tasting Fundraiser, so this time in Japan she was more aware of honey than previously. She told me that in fact many people there are interested in honey and that she even saw shops dedicated solely to honey. I need to go back there.

The label on this jar says, by line:
* Made in Shiga Prefecture
* “Hyakka-mitsu”, meaning “Hundred Flower Honey”
* Nakagawa Bee Company


This honey is very sweet and bright. The flavor is not especially exotic, but very nice. I find it hard to describe, but the closest words I can choose are warm pure caramel, with a subtle fruit tone like grapefruit that gives it a little sour edge. There’s a hint of flowers in the nose. Altogether it’s an elegant specimen. Thanks again Keiko!

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