Honey Tasting: Wild Dandelion Honey from New Zealand

Dandelion Honey from New ZealandHere is one of my favorite honey finds of late, and the only dandelion honey I’ve ever seen for sale. Perhaps there is a place where this is common, but I had never seen it before. The company is Wedderspoon, whose excellent New Zealand Beechwood and Manuka¬†honeys I’ve seen for sale at Whole Foods. This is their “gold” line, which I take to mean their reserve line, though I did see they have dandelion honey in their regular line, so I can’t guess what the difference is. In any case, it’s really good.




This honey has a zesty countryside smell in the jar. It’s thick and golden (and seems to have been creamed). The flavor is like grass and butter, but its sweetness is surprisingly “round”, instead of sharp like I would expect from such a tangy substance. The grassy herbal smell goes up your nose. Altogether it’s like lying face down in a field on a summer day, which right now in Seattle is a welcome mental image.

Where To Get It

I’ve only ever seen this at Chef Shop in Seattle. Check out their honey tasting table in the back!

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