Honey Tasting: Sidhu Farms “Wild Honey”

I came across this very unusual-tasting honey at the Ballard Farmer’s Market today. Sidhu Farms is located in Puyallup, Washington. Some of the berries they grow go into the tasty-looking jams laid out at their stand (blueberry, raspberry and strawberry). I immediately forgot about these when I saw the jars of dark honey sitting next to them.

The Sidhus keep around five hives in order to pollinate their own crops, and the honey is an added bonus. The honey I purchased was from hives that sat on a blueberry field backed by forest land. So apparently this is mostly blueberry honey with whatever else was blooming in the area (this fall). It’s color is dark amber, and it’s fairly thick.


I struggle to describe this strong honey. It has huge berry character as soon as it hits my tongue, but it’s more like cooked berries or currant, and then the complex flavors keep going in a medicinal way like a cough drop that coats the tongue. It reminds me of my Mint honey from Italy, and comparing them side-by-side shows a lot of overlap. I prefer the Sidhu Farms honey, however – it’s strange in a fun way, while the flavors in the Italian Mint honey just seem wrong together (my daughter made a face like I had poisoned her when I had her try the Mint honey).

I imagine this honey will really stand out when paired with food or drink, instead of fading into the mix like a milder honey does. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on the pairing. If I hit on something nice I’ll edit this post. I figure this is a love-it-or-hate-it type of honey. If you get your own, let me know what you think.


Update: I tried putting this in my morning cup of strong Irish Breakfast tea (along with cream). I could smell the blueberries right away, and it tasted sort of like hot blueberry tea pie. Win!

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