Honey Tasting: Rhododendron Honey from Italy

Rhododendron honey from ItalyHere’s another one of my ridiculous honey purchases. It’s an itsy bitsy jar, but it’s from Rhododendron flowers, so I had to try it. It’s imported from Italy by forevercheese, who list a bunch of other interesting honeys on their site. I should probably be thankful that the jar is small – I have so little room left to store more honey.





This honey comes on with a nice fruitiness. Its flavor sticks around a while and coats my tongue. In the background is a soft floral quality that makes this altogether more rich that it first seems. It smells good in the jar. It’s not especially exotic but it’s decidedly satisfying.

Where to get it

I got this at the Paris Grocery near the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

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