Honey Tasting: Rainy Day Bees “Early” Neighborhood Honey

Early season honeys from Rainy Day Bees in SeattleThis weekend I came across a new apiary at the Shoreline farmer’s market: Rainy Day Bees, who offer “raw neighborhood honey” produced from hives they keep in the city of Seattle, in addition to raw Fireweed honey they get from beekeepers out of town. The two ‘city honeys’ are Fremont Early and Greenwood Early, labeled for the neighborhood within Seattle and the season the honey was collected. The bees that collected the Greenwood honey were actually situated on top of a building in the Greenwood area. These are the first honeys produced since the bees started foraging this spring. Based on the results, I can’t wait to taste the honeys produced later this year.


These honeys look the same in the bottle, both being light-colored and clear, but they do not taste the same. The Fremont honey is more assertive, with a distinctive sour lemon taste from the maple trees that were blooming when it was collected. The Greenwood honey has much less of that lemon, though it’s there, and it’s decidedly soft and floral, with a green-melon flavor as well. It’s more runny and light on the tongue, but I find it the more complex tasting of the two. Both are keepers though.

Where To Find It

I found these at the Shoreline Farmers Market, where the beekeepers Peter and Amy Beth Nolte had a stand. They said they won’t be there every week and that they have limited stock (this year’s Greenwood Early is almost gone in fact). You can get honey directly from them on their website if you don’t manage to see them in person.

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