Honey Tasting: Polifloral Native Honey From Chile

Polifloral Native Honey from ChileThis is a honey I use all the time, and I’ve been buying extra in case it stops showing up in Seattle since it’s the best honey I know for putting in coffee. This is billed as a “polifloral” honey, which is just another way to say “wildflower”. But the Origen website says the flowers are native to the south of Chile and include “Coigües, Robles, Raulí, Arrayanes, Ciprés de la cordillera, Canelos, Tepas and Araucarias.” I want a picture.


Despite all the flowers apparently involved, this is not a very floral honey (unlike Ulmo Tree and Tiaca, two others from Chile that are in-your-face flowery). Instead it reminds me of cooked bananas, or cooked fruit of some kind, with brown sugar. It’s very rich. It’s like a Thai desert I’ve had many times: cooked bananas with a sweet brown sauce.

I don’t take any kind of espresso drink sweetened, but if I make coffee at home with my grinder and French press, I like to add a little honey (or Dark Muscovado sugar) and coconut creamer. I’ve tried many honeys in coffee, and most just disappear into the coffee, which is a waste of good honey. But any honey with a cooked fruit thing going on seems to work in coffee.

Where To Find It

In Seattle, the only place I’ve seen this is Big John’s PFI. It’s imported by Origen (Chilean Gourmet), so maybe you can track down a distributor in your area.

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