Honey Tasting: Moses Lake Wildflower from Sunny Honey Co.

Moses Lake Wildflower from Sunny HoneyI picked up this spring 2015 honey yesterday at the Sunny Honey shop at Pike Place Market. I noticed that many people flowing through the shop passed over this in favor of the raspberry. One reason may be that the idea of raspberry honey is appealing. Also, tasting honey on a tiny stick won’t give you the full picture; something bright like raspberry honey will stand out more (usually I find raspberry honey too brightly sweet one-note, though I have to admit it can be nice). In any case those folks were missing out. This Moses Lake honey is super fun. Unlike the black-as-tar buckwheat I’ve had from that part of the state, this is nearly white and is quite waxy. It looks and feels almost like it was creamed, but in fact Anne from Sunny Honey told me that it turned out this way naturally, saying that it’s the result of pollinating many things: onion, radish, alfalfa, buckwheat, mint…


There is an unexpected barnyard smell in the jar. On the tongue the honey feels smooth and chewy from the waxiness. The flavor is softly sweet but also buttery / savory, kind of like butterscotch candy. I think of cookie dough in the aftertaste. Not exotic, but… yum.

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