Honey Tasting: Meadowfoam from “Heavenly Honey”

A recent expedition with friends brought me to the Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie, an inviting place with the air of an old-time general store, which was full of locals getting their weekend espresso. Besides the tasty coffee, an adjacent shop sells a small number of excellent raw honeys. This is is where I obtained today’s subject: Oregon Meadowfoam Honey from “Heavenly Honey”.

I called distributor of this honey, Hummingbird Wholesale, and found that they contract with local beekeepers (whom they keep secret) located in Oregon and in the Columbia Gorge between Oregon and Washington. So actually both “Heavenly Honey” and “Honey Heaven” are Hummingbird brands. Besides the Meadowfoam, I have their spectacular Columbia Gorge Wildflower and a distinctive Snowberry. They also offer Star Thistle, Coriander, “Spring Nectar” (an early season wildflower), and Pennyroyal.


This one is easy: vanilla and marshmallow, not in a subtle way, and the flavor lasts on your tongue. When you put this in your mouth you will wonder if it’s really honey. You could practically substitute it for a marshmallow on a S’more. My initial reaction to this honey was “wow, that’s amazing!”, but to be honest I find this honey’s sweet marshmallowiness rather cloying; after a few tastes I’ve had enough. You may feel differently and hurt yourself by guzzling the whole jar. For me this honey would make more sense paired with food or mixed in drinks where it will really stand out.

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