Honey Tasting: Maple Blossom Honey from Prarie Mountain Honey Company

Recently I went to the West Seattle Summerfest, where among countless tiresome trinket sellers and the usual food suspects I found a grand total of one honey stand. But this was the right stand as it turns out, since it was that of Brookfield Farm, and it had some unusual honeys on offer. The stand was manned by Ian Balsillie, who gave me good details about each honey. I ended up taking home three, all fantastic.

Brookfield Farm Maple Honey from Prarie Mountain Honey Company

Brookfield Farm is well known to those who frequent the Fremont Sunday Market. Brookfield is itself an apiary, but I don’t think I’ve ever been able to try their honey since it sells out every year. Ian told me that they harvest in September, so I’ll be keeping an eye on the Fremont stand around then. Brookfield Farm also helps out other apiaries by selling their honey (with credit on the label) and giving them a web presence. An example of this is today’s subject: Maple honey from the Prarie Mountain Honey Company in Darrington, WA, sold through Brookfield Farm.


This is easily one of the best honeys I’ve ever had. Every time I taste it I can hardly believe it. It’s clear and light-colored, though not as light as acacia honey, and it’s a bit runny. Altogether its appearance suggests just another light honey. But then on the tongue: Lemon! Mint! And as those bright flavors melt away, a floral background shows up, like little white flowers. I also get a little bit of a green melon flavor. It’s beautiful, jump-for-joy honey.

Where To Buy

Seattle folks can look for this one at the Fremont Sunday Market. Also, Brookfield has web pages about where to find their honey:

You can follow Brookfield Farm’s activities on their Facebook page.

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