Honey Tasting: Honey Hole honey from Seattle

Recently I wrote about a honey collected in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, Audrey’s Honey, and last year I tasted Arboretum Wildflower Honey. Well here is another Seattle honey, from the Ballard area, collected by beekeeper Brad Hole. I got this sample when Brad was good enough to come to my honey tasting party in December. Of sixty-nine honeys from around the world, his honey turned out to be one of the favorites, especially among the people who went for the lighter-flavored honeys.

Honey Hole honey from Seattle

Brad Hole does beekeeping as a hobby, but does sell his honey in a few Seattle stores. It’s even made into hot toddies at a Seattle bar. Brad has his own Honey Hole Facebook page where you can follow his exploits and find out where to get his honey.


Sample of Honey Hole honey. This honey comes on bright, citrusy and gently floral, with a distinct green melon background, almost like cantaloupe. It reminds me of the aforementioned Audrey’s Honey, except the green melon is much clearer here. Altogether it’s like summer in your mouth. It’s light-colored with lots of pollen grains visible, and its texture is runny (it hasn’t come close to crystallizing after months in my cupboard). Too bad I only have this tiny sample; I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the 2013 crop. Since this is a cottage operation, I’m sure each crop will be different. But what’s interesting is that the three Seattle honeys I’ve tried (all collected in 2012) have so much in common.

Where To Buy

If I hear of any more places that carry Brad’s honey I’ll update this post.

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