Honey Tasting: Dark Macadamia Nut Tree Honey From Hawaii

Medium Dark Macadamia HoneyHere is another gift from traveling friends, this time Arlene and Richard, who went to Hawaii and found this honey off the beaten path.

Beekeeper Len Skyles collects this honey from hives around Kurtistown in the Puna area of the big island of Hawaii. His bees help pollinate local crops, this time macadamia trees. “Medium Dark Macadamia Nut” is hand-written on the label. I’ve previously had a couple different jars of macadamia honey, and it’s always good, but this one is really special.


The honey is already crystallizing into big rough granules, but some liquid honey always seems to be on top. It smells brown-sugary. The flavor is strong but immediately appealing with a syrupy sweetness that offsets its dark undertones. A wave of fruit comes next, like some sort of cooked-down tropical fruit concoction with brown sugar. It’s pretty darn tasty, and I really need to visit Hawaii.

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