Honey Tasting: Corsican Scrub

Here’s an exotic-sounding thing that naturally got my attention: honey from the island of Corsica, from the nectar of “Corsican Scrub”. It’s a tiny jar for $10, but oh well, I had to try it.


Corsican Scrub HoneyThis honey is dark red and is quite viscous. There isn’t much in the way of aroma, and the flavor is not especially complicated, but it’s a very nice rich flavor. It’s malty and rather like molasses and caramel. The French on the label also claims licorice and fruit flavors, but I don’t sense any of that. There is no mention of this honey being raw, so I wonder if it has been pasteurized, and if so, I also wonder what the original is like. In any case, I’m glad I got it but in this incarnation I’m not going to say it’s essential.

Where To Get It

I got this at Big John’s PFI (Pacific Food Importers) in Seattle, where you can find many interesting imported honeys.

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