Brazilian Pepperwood honey from CaliforniaI was down in Los Angeles visiting my mother and my sister and her family earlier this year and managed to visit the farmer’s market off of Hollywood Boulevard before I left. This amazing honey was the prize. The label says that it “has a rich, vibrant flavor, from the nectar of this familiar tree that blooms throughout California in the late heat of summer.” It also says “cold packed, never heated”. The company Honey Pacifica hails from Long Beach, CA. They sell pine tree honey that I would love to get my hands on. Perhaps next trip…


Every time I taste this I can’t believe it’s actually honey. I put it in my mouth and think “kumquat reduction”. It’s really more like a sweet fruit sauce than honey. It’s runny, though the bottom of my jar is now slowly crystalizing by becoming thicker. The fruit smell jumps out of the jar. It reminds me of musty peaches, cooked down. It’s quite a strong flavor, so I’m guessing it would be good on something that could take it, like ice cream, or pancakes (or ice cream and pancakes…).

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