Honey Tasting: Audrey’s Honey from Seattle

This is a special honey in a number of ways. It’s made by a 16 year-old girl named Audrey, her bees do their work right in the middle of Seattle (in the Capitol Hill neighborhood), and all the proceeds go to Pollinator Pathway, an organization that creates green areas in Seattle. Best of all, this honey tastes really good.

Audrey's Honey, Seattle

I hope to someday interview Audrey for an apiary profile here. You can follow Audrey’s honey activities on her blog:

Audrey’s Buzz’n Honeybees


Audrey's Honey up closeThis honey is distinctly lemony (I thought of lemon pie) and gently floral, with some green melon in the background. I also think of green grass but I’m not sure why. Overall it’s refreshing and long in the mouth. It’s texture is a bit lumpy, as though it is very slowly crystallizing into a smooth paste, which makes it fun on the tongue. Of all the honeys I have, this one reminds me most of Arboretum Wildflower Honey, which isn’t surprising since the Arboretum isn’t far from Seattle’s Capitol Hill area.

Where To Buy

Audrey only sells her honey through the Volunteer Park Cafe, which is in a residential neighborhood between Volunteer Park and Interlaken Park.

2 thoughts on “Honey Tasting: Audrey’s Honey from Seattle

  1. Christopher, Thank you for the cool honey review. I sell my honey only at the Volunteer Park Cafe. They are almost sold out, I think only two or three jars left for this year. I enjoyed reading your blog and hope you are able to continue finding interesting and delicious honey! Audrey

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