Honey Tasting: Aster Honey from New York

Aster honey from New York stateThis is likely the only honey I have from New York state. It’s Aster Flower honey, which I had never heard of when I picked it up. The company is “Bee Raw“, which specializes in honey that’s raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and even unblended. Their website looks suspiciously professional (I expect nothing but clunky 1997 websites when it comes to local raw honey), but based on this example I think they are not kidding. This is good stuff. The label on top says the honey came from “numerous species of late summer blooming Aster flowers”.




You can smell this honey right away; it’s a kind of musty old flowers smell, like visiting grandma’s house. My jar came crystallized in a chewy way like my jar of alfalfa honey did, making it fun to eat. On the tongue it’s caramel sweetness is cut with a prominent savory herbal quality, and that old flowers smell permeates the experience. It turned out more rich and complex than I thought it was going to be. The label says “notes of thyme and eucalyptus”, and I agree. It’s a keeper.

Where To Get It

I found this at the Paris Grocery, in Seattle below Pike Place Market on Western Ave. You can also order direct from the Bee Raw website.

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