Honey Tasting: Arboretum Wildflower Honey

My friend Tabitha has been telling me about this honey, which comes out once a year and disappears. This time she snagged me a jar! It’s collected right in Seattle, in the large green area known as the Arboretum, home to a wide variety of both non-native and native trees and plants.

This honey was harvested this year by the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association, probably at the end of the summer. I would love to know what was blooming at the time, but the label doesn’t specify what or when. It’s probably hard to say what, since there are so many kinds of plants and trees there. If I find out more I’ll edit this post.


This is a very pretty tasting honey; it’s brightly sweet with only a touch of fruitiness like green melon, and it becomes floral in the back of your nose.

I rousted through my honey cupboard trying to find something that tasted the same, but nothing did. It’s bright and cheerful like Florida Orange Blossom, but not citrusy, and more floral. It’s sweetness is forward like that of Florida Tupelo, but it doesn’t have that fruity taste that Tupelo does. It’s gently floral, not assertively perfumy like Chilean Ulmo Tree honey. In any case, it’s a keeper!

Where To Find

If you would like to purchase this honey, you must go in person to the gift shop at the Graham Visitors Center, managed by the Arboretum Foundation. Find out more about the Arboretum.

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