Honey Tasting: Alfalfa Honey from Whidbey Island

In February I ran a 10k trail race at Fort Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island, and while I was passing through I of course made sure to stop by any shop that looked like it might have local raw honey. At a little store called Eagle’s Song I spied a jar of alfalfa honey from Golden Harvest – The Bee Ranch.

Alfalfa honey from Golden Harvest - The Bee Ranch

This apiary is well-known in Seattle by those who frequent the Ballard Sunday Market, but I had never seen alfalfa honey at their market stand, which typically features their powerful lavender honey, plus wildflower and meadowfoam. Based on the quality of those I figured that this Alfalfa would be good.


Sample of alfalfa honey from Golden HarvestThere is nothing exotic about this honey, and it is not particularly floral, unlike the other honeys I’ve tried from this apiary. Instead it has a satisfying, mouth-coating toffee character, enhanced by being crystallized and chewy. That’s why, when I could have any one of of my other more overtly impressive honeys, I keep stealing little bites of this alfalfa honey to chew on.

Where To Buy

Like I said above, I got this on Whidbey Island at Eagle’s Song Health and Wellness, but Seattleites can also ask at Golden Harvest’s table at the Ballard Sunday Market. On the Golden Harvest Facebook Page they say that they are selling at the farmer’s market in Seattle’s University District, as well as at Saturday markets in Port Townsend and Coupeville.

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