Honey Tasting: Oregon Pumpkin Blossom

Pumpkin honeyHere is another honey I picked up at Minglemint on Vashon Island. Minglemint has lately been bottling their own brand sourced from local beekeepers, but luckily they still stock the excellent “Heavenly Honey” brand from Oregon (distributed by the honey-loving Hummingbird Wholesale company). I haven’t seen this brand for sale anywhere else in Washington so far, so naturally I grabbed this pumpkin honey when I was on the island recently. I have one other pumpkin honey in my collection, but it’s from the east coast and is very different from this one.


A strong smell of burned-marshmallow and vanilla pops out of the jar even before you taste this honey. There is a kind of subtle “stinky flower” background in the smell that you don’t get in the taste, which is strong and sweet with that same marshmallow-vanilla flavor. Altogether it reminds me a lot of meadowfoam honey, but I like it better since it’s not as one-note. The sweetness makes it too overwhelming to eat much straight, but it sure is good on toast. I’m curious why this tastes so different from the pumpkin honey I got from Red Bee in Connecticut, which is dark and super-rich and which has none of that marshmallow flavor (instead it’s more like molasses-caramel-apple). Perhaps the bees that made this Oregon version roamed off of the farm, as bees tend to do.