Honey Tasting Pictures

100 of the 106 honeys
Last month’s honey tasting fundraiser was a lot of fun. The turnout wasn’t what I was hoping, but the people who did show (despite some unpleasant weather that day) got very into it. To my great surprise, at least four people tried every one of the 106 honeys, and others tried a great deal of them. Not only that, many took extensive notes on the sheet that I provided, which was double-sided to list all 106 honeys and leave room for tasting notes.

Honey Tasting Fundraiser 2014
As you can see in the pictures here, the honeys were spread out over six tables, organized by type (floral source) or grouping (such as “forest” or “wildflower”, where the floral source is not specified). This allowed people to sample honeys in the same category that came from different countries, such as chestnut tree honey from France, Spain or Italy. One popular area was the table full of local Seattle honeys, which held their own in a room full of exotic honeys from 19 countries. Among the more freaky honeys, some people actually enjoyed the Arbutus honey from Portugal, despite it being so bitter.

Some of people’s favorite honeys from this tasting turned out to be:

  • Kiawe honey from Hawaii
  • “5th Month Honey” from the hills of Lampang, Thailand
  • Eucalyptus honey from Spain (Purmiel brand, harvested in a national park)
  • Seattle honeys, especially those from Rainy Day Bees, Honey Hole and Seattle Urban Honey.
  • French honeys from Brittany and Normandy.

It was gratifying to see people come away amazed at how different all the honeys were from each other, despite there being so many.

Keiko trying the beechwood honeydew honey

Tanner contemplating a flavor

Taste and smell

This guy knows his honey

A fun time


Altogether the tasting raised $500 to be donated to the fire relief fund set up by the Community Foundation of North Central Washington. Now that I’ve done the work to get all the honeys organized and make the undersheets etc., I would love to do this again.